Special event Callsign used by the Radioclub "UBA- Section LGE -Liege" to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the creation of the UBA (Union royale Belge des Amateurs-émetteurs) in May 1948. To celebrate the event, 59 special event stations will be active only during the month of May 2018. These callsigns will be: OT70ACC, OT70ALT, OT70ARA, OT70AST, OT70ATH, OT70ATO, OT70BDX, OT70BFA, OT70BSE, OT70BTS, OT70BXE, OT70CRD, OT70CLR, OT70CPN, OT70DIG, OT70DST, OT70EKO, OT70ERA, OT70GBN, OT70GDV, OT70GNT, OT70GTM, OT70HCC, OT70HRT, OT70KTK, OT70LGE, OT70LIR, OT70LLV, OT70LUS, OT70LVN, OT70MCL, OT70MLB, OT70NBT, OT70NLB, OT70NNV, OT70NOL, OT70ODE, OT70ONZ, OT70ORA, OT70OSA, OT70OSB, OT70OST, OT70PHI, OT70RAM, OT70RAT, OT70RCA, OT70RSX, OT70SNW, OT70THN, OT70TLS, OT70TRA, OT70TWS, OT70UBA, OT70WLD, OT70WRA, OT70WRC, OT70WTO, OT70YLC and OT70ZTM. The suffix of these callsigns represent the local UBA club divisions, i.e. OT70BXE stands for Brussels East. OT70LGE is valid for the diploma " UBA 70 Hits The Airwaves ". The commemorative award is available in three classes: Bronze Award For QSOs with 10 different OT70 stations. Silver Award for QSOs with 20 different OT70 Stations. Gold Award for QSOs with 30 different OT70 Stations. The Award will be presented at no cost via the web page For more info : Good Hunting to All ! We would be very happy to exchange QSL Card with you 73 from Seraing-Liège & Hope to meet you on the bands soon


Worked Report TX Report RX Frequency Band Mode Date
DL8SDJ 59 59 MHz 40m SSB 2018-05-31
ON6YH 59 59 MHz 40m SSB 2018-05-31
IT9FRD 59 59 MHz 40m SSB 2018-05-31
ON4AR 59 59 MHz 40m SSB 2018-05-31
IK8GUA 59 59 MHz 40m SSB 2018-05-31
UT7LA 59 59 MHz 40m SSB 2018-05-31
9A4MF 59 59 MHz 40m SSB 2018-05-31
CT1FOE 55 59 MHz 40m SSB 2018-05-31
F1HWJ 59 59 MHz 40m SSB 2018-05-31
DL0FP 59 59 MHz 40m SSB 2018-05-31
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