You will be able to obtain an award from this page once they become available. We can not give an exact date at this time.

Keep track of our Facebook page to know when the awards become available.

To obtain an award you have to make contact with the event stations listed on this page.


  • Only QSOs made between 1 May 2018 and 31 May 2018 can be used to apply for the awards
  • All bands and all modes are valid
  • Awards are free, they will be electronically distributed
  • SWL's can request their award by mailing their log to

In total there are 3 awards to achieve:

  • Bronze: worked 10 different event stations
  • Silver: worked 20 different event stations
  • Gold: worked 30 different event stations

Being in contact with the same event station multiple times only counts as one worked station.